Liberals call for expansion of small business supports

Several business sectors across the province are adding their names to the list of those who are calling on the Houston government to expand eligibility for the Sector Impact Support Program.

Many in the arts community, including musicians, feel neglected by the government’s support program. They have been asking for help, but to no avail.

“Musicians often heavily rely on performances and lessons as part of their income, which have plummeted since the onset of COVID-19,” says Cape Breton musician, Aaron Lewis. “The arts community is a vibrant part of Nova Scotia’s economy, and they deserve to be included in the government’s financial aid program.”

Too many industries across the province feel left out by the current eligibility requirements of the Houston government’s financial relief program.

The program must be expanded, allowing more Nova Scotians to benefit from this initiative.

“We’re once again calling on the Houston government to expand eligibility for more small businesses to receive financial aid,” says Economic Development critic Fred Tilley. “Entrepreneurs have faced extreme hardship because of the pandemic. We owe it to all of them to provide equal footing to survive another wave of this virus.”

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