Making Quality, Affordable Child Care Accessible to Nova Scotians

As Liberals, we know families across Nova Scotia want quality regulated child care that is affordable, accessible and inclusive.

We have made great strides in these areas. Since 2015, your Liberal government has increased funding to the regulated child care sector by $10-million annually to support increased wages for educators, quality programming, and inclusive practices.

We have made more changes to the subsidy program in two years than had been made in the previous two decades.

And, we recently announced a one-time $2-million grant to create inclusive spaces in child care centres.

These investments are part of your Liberal government’s continued commitment to support children and families to access quality, affordable child care in their communities.

Today, we are pleased to announce $8.9-million to grow the regulated child care sector, so that more children and families will have access to affordable and inclusive regulated child care.

We know that an investment in the child care sector is an investment in children and families, as well as an economic investment in our communities.

Today’s investment is part of a three-year, $35-million-dollar early learning and child care funding agreement that was signed in January with the Government of Canada.

  • $6.9-million will go toward creating up to 1,000 new regulated child care spaces.
  • Up to 500 spaces will be created in home-based regulated child care with a focus on infant care, right across the province.
  • And another 500 spaces will be part of centre growth in 11 counties where a need for additional centres currently exists.

We know more spaces for infant care are needed and that’s why we’re making it a focus. As part of the $6.9-million, centres who choose to open infant spaces will receive funding to support those spaces.

We’re also pleased to announce that the remaining $2-million has been designated as a one-time grant to support existing centres who want to convert their current space to meet the evolving child care needs of their communities.

Your Liberal government’s investment in quality, accessible, sustainable child care is another step toward growing and evolving an early year’s system that supports children from infanthood into school.

We know that every investment in our children is an investment in our future and are committed to working with our child care sector to ensure our kids have every chance at a successful start in life.

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