Meet Zach Churchill

Father, husband, community leader, MLA for Yarmouth, and Leader of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party

First elected as the MLA for Yarmouth in 2010, Zach Churchill is a dedicated father, husband, and leader. His time as Minister of Health, Education, and more has prepared him for the challenge of leading our party with a unique combination of experience, vision, and determination.

Rural roots and Lebanese heritage

Zach was born and raised in Yarmouth. He is a descendant of Lebanese immigrants and the son of a hard-working teacher and entrepreneur. Zach’s upbringing instilled in him the core values that guide him to this day: being true to your beliefs and giving back to your community. Zach attended St. Mary’s University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts. It was in school that he saw opportunities to speak up for others on issues of equality and the need for access to education for everyone. Building on his experience as a student leader, Zach joined the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), representing students across Canada. At the age of 26, Zach saw an opportunity to return to his roots in Yarmouth and begin to tackle some of the challenges and opportunities his community faced. He was elected in a by-election in 2010 and has since represented his community as their MLA for 12 years. He has been a community-focused representative and his dedication to his constituents is demonstrated in having been elected four times with some of the largest margins of victory amongst his MLA colleagues. Zach currently lives in Yarmouth with his wife Katie, who is an Optometrist and small business owner, and their two young daughters, Cecelia and Eva.

Service to our Communities, Party, and Province

Zach has dedicated his career to public service. He has been a longstanding member of the Liberal Party and has held some of the most consequential portfolios during his eight years in government. He has served as Minister of Health and Wellness, Education, Municipal Affairs and Emergency Management, Communications, and Natural Resources. As Minister of Education, Zach introduced Nova Scotia’s historic pre-primary program that transformed the landscape for hardworking families, and hired hundreds of additional teachers, inclusive education specialists and non-teachingnon-teaching stafff for students in our classrooms. Zach was Minister of Health during the Delta wave of COVID-19, and oversaw the implementation of Nova Scotia’s successful vaccine program. Zach also expanded access to primary care through the first pilot of VirtualCareNS, oversaw the establishment of the Office of Mental Health and Addictions and expanded cancer care options for patients in Nova Scotia.