More Opportunities for Apprentices

As Liberals, we’re always looking for ways our young people can enter the workforce in a quick and meaningful manner. One way to help further this goal is by encouraging businesses in Nova Scotia to hire apprentices through a new and improved procurement program. 

Launched in 2016, a pilot project that required contractors bidding on provincially funded school construction projects to take part in Nova Scotia’s apprenticeship program, has now been expanded to include all provincially funded construction projects over $1 million in Nova Scotia.

Apprenticeships provide on the-job-experience, while shaping our recent graduates and young adults into skilled tradespeople, an integral part of any strong economy. 

With recent population and job numbers on the rise, we know our efforts to create a vibrant, steady workforce are working. More young people are staying to work and lay down roots right here in Nova Scotia, and by giving our future generations these types of opportunities, we can create a flourishing economic climate for generations to come.