More Specialists for Our Health-Care System

Your Liberal government is funding nine new specialist positions for Nova Scotia’s health-care system.
Recruitment is underway, and Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) and the IWK Heath Centre are working to fill six of the following positions:
  • pediatric respirologist, IWK
  • pediatric ophthalmologist, IWK
  • pediatric immunologist, IWK (hired)
  • pediatric pain specialist, IWK (hired)
  • thoracic surgeon, Central Zone
  • anesthetist, Central Zone (to accommodate increase in thoracic surgeries)
  • critical care specialist, Central Zone
  • critical care specialist, Eastern Zone
  • internal medicine specialist, Northern Zone (hired)
The specialist positions were approved by the New MD Funding Committee, which receives proposals from clinical leaders across the province.
The selection process considers things such as population health, geography and need. Your Liberal government is investing $2.8 million annually to fund these nine positions.
“We are working to add family doctors and specialists to the health-care system to better meet Nova Scotians’ care needs,” said Dr. Mark Taylor, interim vice president, medicine, NSHA. “When it comes to additional specialists, we’re adding positions in the services and locations of highest need to provide maximum benefit for Nova Scotians.”
Last week, your Liberal government also announced the addition of 15 new spaces to Dalhousie University’s specialist residency program. The new spaces will be added in specialties like critical care, emergency medicine, child and adolescent psychiatry and palliative medicine.