More than 700 Nova Scotia teachers have submitted applications to be part of the Council to Improve Classroom Conditions, a cooperative initiative to improve the province’s teaching and student learning environment.

2.2 million visitors came to the province last year, an increase of eight per cent, about 170,000 more visitors, over 2015.

  It’s been a challenging time for everyone touched by our province’s education system. The decision to use legislation to create a new contract for public school teachers was not one made lightly. With the labour impasse concluded, our Liberal government can now focus on working with Nova Scotia’s teachers to strengthen our classrooms and
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Your Liberal government will focus on the province’s cultural sector, creative economy and diverse communities with Nova Scotia’s Culture Action Plan: Creativity and Community, launched today, Feb. 22. Nova Scotia’s first comprehensive Culture Action Plan, focuses on six themes which provide government with specific actions, strategic priorities and criteria to help guide decision-making. “Our culture
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Classroom teachers who want to improve the teaching and learning environment in Nova Scotia can start to apply online today, Feb 22, to be part of the new Council to Improve Classroom Conditions.

Our government has introduced legislation that will take real action to address classroom conditions and provide a fair wage package to the province’s teachers.

Liberal House Leader Michel Samson is urging opposition members to end the political grand-standing and allow Bill 75 to proceed through the Legislature to avoid Friday’s strike by the Nova Scotia Teachers Union.

Our legislation establishes a council to address classroom conditions. Learn more about how we’re taking real action to make our classrooms stronger.

The Teachers’ Professional Agreement and Classroom Improvement Act creates a contract for members of the Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union while addressing classroom conditions and establishing a commission on Inclusive Education.

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