From the beginning, your Liberal government has committed to working to improve classroom conditions across the province. We know how important it is to create a healthy learning environment for both teachers and students.

Your Liberal government recognizes the importance of having our loved ones get home safely. That’s why we embarked on an unprecedented study and consultation to look at highways across our province.

Your Liberal government continues to invest in health infrastructure. We are building, modernizing, and making the best use of the hospitals and health care facilities we have across Nova Scotia to make sure they continue to deliver quality care.

Your Liberal government continues to look at what health services are offered in what communities, and how we can better serve Nova Scotians.

The Community Outpatient Centre represents a big shift in how our province must organize our infrastructure to meet the needs of patients for decades to come.

Federal-provincial joint funding will improve the more than 20 kilometres of road along the Cabot Trail parkway.

23 nurse practitioners and family practice nurses are joining 12 communities across our province. As a result, 14 practices are expanding and will be able to start taking on new patients.

More low-income families and seniors will have access to affordable homes thanks to an $18 million investment by your Liberal government and the federal government over the next two years.

As Liberals, we understand business doesn’t have to be a choice between profit and helping your community.

As Liberals, we are committed to improving access to primary health care, and making the best use of our hospitals and health care facilities across the province. We believe Nova Scotians deserve that.

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