Nick d’Entremont acclaimed as Liberal candidate for Argyle

(Halifax, NS) – Nick d’Entremont has been acclaimed as the Liberal candidate for Argyle and will represent the Nova Scotia Liberal Party in the next provincial election. Due to COVID-19, the nomination meeting was conducted virtually.

Nick was born and raised in Lower West Pubnico — an area that is extremely proud of their deep Acadian history, and one that Nick is very proud of too. Nick completed his high school education at École secondaire de Par-en-Bas in Tusket, Nova Scotia. Nick recently completed his first year of studies at Dalhousie University, where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences degree in Political Science.

“I am so delighted to join Team Rankin, and his vision that supports not only our environment, but an economic rebound to strengthen our economy,” says d’Entremont. “I am certain there is no better team to be on than this one, and I look forward to working with Premier Rankin on the core issues in our community.”

Nick has worked in the community at several locations, including le Musée des Acadiens des Pubnicos where he helped locals and tourists trace their genealogy and family roots to the rich Acadian history that is connected to the area and across the province. Nick also proudly worked at Dennis Point Café in Pubnico where he grew a deep appreciation for the tourism and fisheries sectors in the province. Nick is also an esteemed volunteer and has been a strong advocate for encouraging more young people to get involved in politics. 

“Having a young person such as Nick on our team for the next provincial election is inspiring,” said Premier Iain Rankin. “I know he will be a role model for his peers and continue to engage young people in our political process.”


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