Nova Scotia Health Leads the Way in COVID-19 Testing

Nova Scotia continues to be a leader in COVID-19 testing. Since October 1st, we have completed over 44,000 tests across the province – including over 14,000 tests conducted this past week alone.

Conservative Leader Tim Houston and his caucus continue to politicize the COVID-19 pandemic, while exploiting people’s fears and anxieties as we’ve entered a second wave. Meanwhile, our government has been focused on trusting the experts – Dr. Strang and his team of public health professionals – while continuing to support Nova Scotians.

As part of our government’s flexible and targeted testing strategy, young Nova Scotians, and anyone who has attended or works at licensed establishments in HRM, were recently asked to participate in one of two new testing streams introduced this week. Our youth answered the call, and hard-working staff and volunteers executed thousands of tests.

“We have conducted over 14,000 tests in one week. The vast majority of those being tested were young people. You stood in the cold and in the rain. You stood for hours, waiting to get a
test. Not because you were sick, but because we asked, and you took responsibility,” said Premier Stephen McNeil.

“By showing up, and stepping up, you are protecting everyone around you and your community. That is the best example of leadership. I want to sincerely thank you.”

Our government is also broadening our focus to include targeted asymptomatic testing. This means following the science to determine who gets tested and how. That is why we have also introduced new voluntary testing to monitor, reduce, and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities throughout the province.

This past week, a handful of asymptomatic individuals tested positive for COVID-19 – a direct result of our rapid testing initiative. Without this strategy in place, those people could still be unknowingly spreading the virus in our communities.

“On behalf of all Nova Scotians, I want to extend heartlet gratitude to Dr. Strang and his team of dedicated staff and all healthcare professionals across the province,” said Leo Glavine, Minister of Health and Wellness.

“This includes our laboratory staff and the many volunteers who have stepped up to the plate to make our first round of rapid testing such a success.”

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