Nova Scotians need full picture of hospitalization rates

With no signs of Omicron slowing down in the province, the Nova Scotia Liberal Party is calling on the Houston government to release accurate figures of those who are in hospital with COVID-19.

Infectious diseases specialist, Dr. Lisa Barrett, warned Nova Scotians that pressure on our health care system is greater than it may seem. The hospitalization rates that are currently reported to Nova Scotians only represent a fraction of the virus that is gripping our hospitals.

“It’s very concerning to me to see Nova Scotia follow the trajectory of other provinces, with climbing hospitalization rates and an extraordinary burden being placed on our health care workers,” says Liberal Leader Iain Rankin. “Nova Scotians deserve to know the reality of the situation we are dealing with.”

Premier Houston has told Nova Scotians to focus on hospitalization rates, rather than case numbers to make personal decisions on how to curb the spread of the virus.

But, in order to do that, Nova Scotians need to know the full picture.

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