Our Plan for Recovery and Growth

This is our time, Nova Scotia

Together, Nova Scotians have demonstrated what we can achieve when we work toward a common goal. Our recent mission was to manage the pandemic, keep our communities safe and care for our loved ones.

As we emerge from the pandemic, our energy and efforts can turn towards our collective recovery. The positivity and optimism that our province is known for gives me great confidence that we can seize this opportunity to move forward on a path to a fair, healthy and more prosperous future.

Our vision for Nova Scotia requires a strong economic recovery. An equitable, sustainable and prosperous recovery will support business growth, make life more affordable, create jobs and provide high quality health care services across our province.

The Liberal Party has the vision, values and the leadership required to write our next chapter. A Plan for Jobs and Growth is a progressive, evidence-based and clearly costed plan that makes sensible investments that chart our course to recovery.

Our plan presents smart proposals that respond to the immediate priorities of Nova Scotians. We can foster economic growth that allows businesses to grow, while transitioning to a lower carbon future. We can pursue economic growth while providing the opportunity for all Nova Scotians to share in that prosperity. We can deliver high-quality health care in all communities, while protecting our most vulnerable and investing in our workforce.

This is a plan for action, and the time for action is now.

Our commitments

Investing in Quality Care

We have shown the leadership and capability required to implement continuous improvements to Nova Scotia’s health care system. We are making historic investments in hospitals, taking bold steps to recruit doctors and train nurses, caring for our seniors, and promoting access to mental health supports. Our plan for quality care makes smart investments on behalf of Nova Scotians, while ensuring that communities across our province have access to high-quality health care when they need it.