Electrifying the Provincial Vehicle Fleet

Developing a fleet electrification strategy to replace existing vehicles with electric vehicles.

Almost a third of Nova Scotia’s emissions come from transportation. This presents a significant opportunity for the province to lead by example and phase out traditional gas powered vehicles.

A re-elected Liberal government will develop a fleet electrification strategy that consolidates provincial fleet management, moves us towards electrification, and replaces existing vehicles with electric vehicles.

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Nova Scotia Tax Credits

Nova Scotia residents can donate up to $5,000 per year to each political party. Your first $1,000 is eligible for a generous 75% tax credit (That means the first $1,000 donated only costs you $250.)

For information on provincial political contributions visit Elections Nova Scotia.
For information on claiming provincial tax credits visit Canada Revenue Agency.
Become a Member

In Nova Scotia, we have a dual membership program that grants membership status in the Nova Scotia Liberal Party as well as the Liberal Party of Canada. Registering as a Liberal member only takes a few minutes. After completing the process, you will automatically become a member of both the provincial and federal Liberal Party.
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