Government of the Future: Going Digital

  • Establishing a Minister of Digital Government & Services to make everyday government transactions and interactions more convenient for businesses and residents.
  • Enhancing digital tools so that the public service is efficient and effective.
  • Ensuring Nova Scotia’s IT infrastructure is protected against cyber-threats.
  • Implementing seamless identity management and login that protects private information.

The pandemic has forced businesses to reevaluate the way that their services are delivered. Many have turned to digital solutions that allow them to respond to their customers in innovative ways.  

Governments must keep up with the pace of change and embrace the promise of digital evolution so that services are delivered efficiently and effectively to residents. A re-elected Liberal government will establish a Minister of Digital Government & Services to build on the success of existing digital initiatives like the Nova Scotia Digital Service. 

The Minister of Digital Government and Services will work across government departments to create a more seamless experience for Nova Scotians. We want to make the everyday government interactions and transactions more convenient for businesses and residents. 

The Minister will be mandated to:

  • Develop and enforce a set of digital standards ensuring government services—online, in person, and by phone—are user centric, fast, simple, and secure.
  • Implement a secure, seamless identity management and login that protects Nova Scotians’ private information. 
  • Enhance digital tools and systems so that the public service is efficient and can design and deliver services and programs that get the best results for Nova Scotians.
  • Ensure that Nova Scotia’s IT infrastructure is adequately protected against cybersecurity threats
  • Lead work to analyze and improve government procurement and internal processes to improve the implementation of digital solutions within government departments
  • Champion the acceleration of government-wide adoption of digital service delivery that enables efficient interaction with government for citizens and business

The Minister will also support the Office of Regulatory Affairs & Service Effectiveness to create a culture of nimble, flexible and effective digital service delivery across government. Their efforts will reduce unnecessary red-tape and regulatory burdens for businesses and residents.

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