Increasing Protected Areas

  • Increasing Nova Scotia’s land protection target to 17% in recognition of the work already completed to put us on the way to reaching our previous goal of 14%.
  • Continuing to protect ecologically significant areas like the 150 sites protected since 2013.

Nova Scotia is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Its extensive coastlines, lakes and rivers, diverse ecosystems and array of scenic views encourage all of us to develop meaningful relationships with the land. Investing in protected areas strengthens our connection to the land by preserving natural habitats for mainland moose, migratory birds and other wildlife; sustaining mature forests and coastal ecosystems; supporting learning, education and research; and encouraging responsible recreation and tourism.

The Liberal government is well on the way to reaching its previous goal of 14% protected areas. We have achieved this by protecting more than 150 ecologically significant areas since 2013 and, this year alone, announcing our intention to protect 62 new wilderness areas.

However, we aren’t done making progress. A re-elected Liberal government will increase its land protection target to 17%, an ambitious and doable goal given Nova Scotia’s relatively small amount of available public land. We will also continue to work alongside the Mi’kmaw people to identify and protect areas of cultural, historical importance.

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Nova Scotia Tax Credits

Nova Scotia residents can donate up to $5,000 per year to each political party. Your first $1,000 is eligible for a generous 75% tax credit (That means the first $1,000 donated only costs you $250.)

For information on provincial political contributions visit Elections Nova Scotia.
For information on claiming provincial tax credits visit Canada Revenue Agency.
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In Nova Scotia, we have a dual membership program that grants membership status in the Nova Scotia Liberal Party as well as the Liberal Party of Canada. Registering as a Liberal member only takes a few minutes. After completing the process, you will automatically become a member of both the provincial and federal Liberal Party.
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