Making It Easier To Do Business In Nova Scotia

  • Waiving regulatory fees for new businesses.
  • Creating a sector specific one stop permit shop.
  • Setting a red tape reduction target — $30 million by 2022.
  • Investing $45 million over five years in the Sustainable Innovation Rebate program.

In a post pandemic economy, the Rankin Government recognizes the need to ensure that Nova Scotia maximizes the ability of our local businesses to grow and do all that we can to encourage investment and growth. By removing red tape on both businesses and individuals, we will make it easier to do business in Nova Scotia. 

A re-elected Rankin government will ensure it is easier to start and grow your business in Nova Scotia by:

  1. Waiving Regulatory Fees for New Businesses – $2 million a yearWe recognize that lowering costs for businesses that are starting out will lead to a greater chance of success.To help new businesses get off the ground a re-elected Rankin government will eliminate the government start-up costs and regulatory fees for new businesses. This will save businesses over $2 million a year.


  2. Creation of a Sector Specific One Stop Permit ShopA re-elected Rankin government will make it easier for Nova Scotians to start their own business by simplifying the process for obtaining permits and approvals.There are often many different permits and regulations a business must comply with before opening its doors on day one. This adds costs and increases the time from a good idea to money in the pockets of those starting the business.

    A re-elected Rankin government will work with municipalities to open one stop permit portals where new businesses can get every approval and permit they need for their business in one easy to access spot.

    By employing highly trained and specialized staff to identify and help complete permit approvals, new business owners will have the support they need to obtain their permits and approvals, saving them time and money they can re-invest in their new business right away.

    Nova Scotia’s entrepreneurs and start-ups know how to build a successful and thriving community. That’s why we are making it easier for them to focus on that, rather than jumping through red tape as we rebuild our economy.

  3. Set a bold and unprecedented red tape reduction target – $30 Million by 2022The Liberal government has made it a priority to reduce unnecessary government burden on small businesses. It has been estimated that unnecessary or outdated regulations are costing Nova Scotia businesses $200 million a year.Through the work of the Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness, we’ve managed to cut $50 million in red tape since 2017, saving our businesses time and money as they focus on growing their businesses.

    We’ve also exceeded our first ever target to reduce the hours Nova Scotians have to spend complying with unnecessary government regulations. Since December 31, 2020, we’ve saved Nova Scotians 185,000 hours’ worth of time dealing with the government.

    As we recover from the pandemic and grow our economy, a re-elected Liberal government knows that it’s more important than ever to make it easier for businesses to operate in our province. Our government’s track record on red tape reduction has been a resounding success, with over $50 million cut since 2017. We’ve decided to raise the bar and set a bold and ambitious goal of eliminating $30 million in unnecessary red tape for businesses by 2022, with a focus on reducing hours spent on administrative burden by individual citizens, vulnerable populations, and our doctors and health professionals.


  4. Investing in Clean Technology A re-elected Rankin government is committed to building the economy of tomorrow, and that means making sure that Nova Scotian businesses have the support they need to invest in the latest equipment and innovative clean technology to increase their competitiveness.Our future depends on supporting innovative solutions for Nova Scotian businesses. By helping Nova Scotian businesses invest in green tech and new modern technology we will help industry power our economic recovery and secure good middle-class jobs and protect the environment at the same time.

    That’s why a re-elected Rankin government will invest $45 million over five years in the Innovation and Sustainability Rebate Program to: 

  • Help Nova Scotian businesses become more competitive by providing a 25% rebate for the creation of innovative solutions 
  • Help modernize businesses production by supporting the purchase of new innovative green tech. 
  • Secure good middle-class jobs by supporting companies in the traditional and emerging sectors. 
  • Help our Nova Scotian businesses to sell more of their products in the province and around the world.
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