Office of Physician Recruitment and Retention

  • Launching a consolidated Office of Physician Recruitment and Retention to lead Nova Scotia’s efforts to bring more doctors to the province.
  • Doubling Nova Scotia’s investment in physician recruitment by providing the office with a $5 million budget.

The Rankin government will consolidate physician recruitment efforts inside government, creating a dedicated team solely focused on leading Nova Scotia’s efforts to bring more doctors to the province.

This plan will establish a new office within the Department of Health and Wellness comprised of specialized physician recruitment professionals who are directly accountable to the Minister and will be tasked with all operational aspects of fulfilling the Province’s doctor requirements. This office will be staffed by experts from top international physician headhunting firms, who will be embedded in the department of Health and Wellness.

They will have the best and most relevant information about what specialities are needed, where and when. They will be deployed around the world to recruit physicians who are best suited to practice in Nova Scotian communities.

The Director of the Physician Integration Program will report into the Office, ensuring that the efforts to both recruit and retain physicians are synchronized, and that the doctors we attract to Nova Scotia choose to stay here.

Our government will launch the Office with an initial $5 million budget, effectively doubling Nova Scotia’s investment in physician recruitment. Existing resources will be transferred from Nova Scotia Health and will be operational within the first 60 days of a new mandate.

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