Physician Integration Program

  • Establishing a new community-based integration program to welcome and support new doctors and their families with a $1 million annual investment.
  • Equipping community leaders, local physicians and HR professionals with the tools needed to integrate new doctors into local communities.

Across Canada and around the world, Nova Scotia is well known for our welcoming hospitality. However, our greatest draw for newcomers are Nova Scotia’s vibrant communities and the people who call them home.

Physician recruitment is about much more than finding and hiring doctors. In many cases, it’s about welcoming an entire family into a new community. We need to wrap our arms around new doctors and their families, ensuring they feel at home and supported within communities where they practice – and we believe that that this can be accomplished by empowering communities and local leadership.

The Rankin government will invest $1M annually to establish a new community-based integration program with dedicated funding to support local groups, like municipalities, business associations and non-profit organizations who have the proven expertise, networks and resources to welcome and support new doctors and their families.

This program will equip community leaders, local physicians, and HR professionals with the tools they need to help find employment for spouses, connecting families with local services, social supports, housing, leisure, and education needs. This will ensure that recently recruited doctors and their families immediately feel welcomed, supported and at home in Nova Scotia. Empowering communities with these resources will increase their ability to attract and retain the health care workforce they need to meet the needs of Nova Scotians.