Preparing Nova Scotian Students for Jobs in the Digital Economy

  • Positioning Nova Scotia to become the start-up capital of Canada.
  • Building a local pool of skilled digital workers by providing $16.8 million to Dalhousie, Acadia, SMU, and St. FX to expand computer science programs.
  • Contributing $7 million to expand NSCC’s Institute of Technology Campus, creating space for an additional 100 students.
  • Expanding the NSCC Centre for Geographic Sciences in the Annapolis Valley with a $9 million investment.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital adoption and further demonstrated the importance of digital skills to the economy. Nova Scotia can become the start-up capital of Canada if we position the province as a place for talent to develop and business to thrive. We can achieve this by making smart investments that prepare Nova Scotians for careers in the $2.5 billion digital economy.

That’s why the Rankin government provided $16.8 million in March 2021 to Dalhousie, Acadia, SMU, and St. FX to expand their computer science programs. This builds on Nova Scotia’s commitment to developing a local pool of skilled workers that will inspire and incentivize start-up growth.

The province has already completed projects that highlight our focus on this significant part of our economy, including:

New Information Technology Innovation Centre at NSCC Leeds Campus in Halifax

A $7 million contribution to expand NSCC’s Institute of Technology Campus will provide students in industry-driven programs with skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow. The new 19,000 square foot facility is opening in the fall of 2021 and will house 100 additional students.

NSCC’s sustained year-over-year enrollment growth means that investment in new spaces unlocks opportunities to train work-ready graduates, innovators, entrepreneurs, and future job creators.

Expanding the NSCC Centre for Geographic Sciences in the Annapolis Valley

NSCC is preparing students for the workforce and to solve complex challenges. Those efforts are supported with smart investments in spaces for innovation like the $9 million Residence and Innovation Centre at the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) at the NSCC Annapolis Valley Campus in Lawrencetown.

The new three-floor 27,000-square-foot addition at COGS includes a 40-bed residence and innovation centre. The facility was constructed to the highest accessibility and LEED standards using best practices in sustainable and barrier-free design. The building will provide a modern, innovation-focused venue for research, industry, community, and workers to come together to pursue local, national, and international opportunities, supporting local economic development in Annapolis County.

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