Prioritizing Primary Care

  • Establishing a Primary Care Council to create a whole government approach to the management of our primary care system.
  • Ensuring better patient outcomes by building responsive multidisciplinary teams that maximize the collective wisdom of all health professionals.

There are many individuals, organizations, and community groups throughout the province who have dedicated their efforts to increasing access to primary care for Nova Scotians. Our collective efforts can be more impactful when united under one entity, aligned in mandate and accountable to Nova Scotians.

The Rankin Government will establish a Primary Care Council to create synergies within the various stakeholders to take a whole of government approach to the management of our primary care system. The council, while respecting local community needs, will have a mandate to guide the strategic integration and delivery of primary care services across the province. The focus will be to ensure better patient outcomes and build strong, responsive multidisciplinary teams, maximizing the efforts of physicians, nurses and other essential health care professionals in Nova Scotia.

The Council will be led by the Premier along with representatives from Dalhousie Medical School, Doctors Nova Scotia, College of Physicians & Surgeons Nova Scotia, the Department of Health and Wellness, the Nova Scotia Health Authority, the Department of Labor and Advanced Education and the Office of Immigration & Population Growth. It will also include regional representatives from across the province and will meet regularly to collaborate on initiatives ranging from training, recruitment, retention, and patient access. Each of these organizations have demonstrated commitment to expanding access to primary care in Nova Scotia. The partnership will ensure that our resources are deployed efficiently and effectively, resulting in significant improvements to the health and wellbeing of all Nova Scotians.

Access to primary care will be continually evaluated through regular progress reports to the Premier to ensure that our targets are being met.

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