PC MLA’s Tone Deaf Comment a Reflection of Apathetic Government

As food prices in Nova Scotia reach 40-year highs and inflation balloons above the national average, the Houston government has now openly admitted how checked out they are on the cost-of-living crisis.

PC MLA John White’s comments at yesterday’s House of Assembly Management Commission meeting that he’s “financially struggling as much as anyone else in the public” is a brazen declaration to make considering Nova Scotia MLAs make a comfortable salary of nearly $90,000 a year.

“Those comments from the Member for Glace Bay are a direct reflection of how tone deaf this government is on the affordability crisis,” says Community Services critic Brendan Maguire. “We have homeless encampments popping up across the province, and more and more people by the day being priced out of basic necessities like food and shelter. The gall for an elected official to compare their lifestyle to someone who is forced to live in a tent.”

Despite life becoming increasingly unaffordable everywhere Nova Scotians turn, Premier Houston has repeatedly shirked any commitment to relief for those struggling under the affordability crisis; while other Atlantic provinces have introduced sweeping measures like reduced transit fares and halved fuel tax, the PC government has routinely kicked the can down the road on cost-saving measures for Nova Scotians.

“This government keeps revealing to us time and time again how completely out in orbit they are on the cost-of-living crisis, and Nova Scotians deserve better, full stop,” says Maguire.