Pre-Primary Education to Expand This Fall

As Liberals, we know an investment in pre-primary is an investment in the future of our children and our province. We know our children deserve the best start we can give them in school and in life, and pre-primary helps us do just that.

Regardless of a family’s socio-economic background, pre-primary gives them the opportunity to give their children a strong foundation. Your Liberal government promised to make that opportunity available across the province over four years.

We started with just over 50 classes last fall, and we’re very excited to announce there will be 130 new pre-primary classes created in 87 school communities this fall. See the list of new locations here.

With these additional classes, our investment in pre-primary will reach $24 million.

But this announcement is about more than just the Pre-primary program. It’s another step toward a strong early years system for children and families.

Since we formed government in 2013, we have been committed to building a strong early years system.

We have:

  • Invested in the wages of trained early childhood educators working regulated child care
  • Eliminated early intervention waitlists for children with special needs
  • Developed a funding model that better reflects the needs of the childcare sector
  • Invested in the child care subsidy program to make child care more affordable for more families
  • Invested in early learning by developing a world class curriculum that is the first of its kind in our province
  • Worked closely with the child care sector on continuous quality improvement
  • Increased investments to further support the creating of inclusive environments and practices’
  • Committed $6.9-million to create 1,000 new regulated child care spaces across the province

Designated $2-million to a grant that will support existing centres to convert their space to meet the evolving needs of communities.

Investments in pre-primary and the regulated child care sector are giving families more choices and helping make life more affordable.

Those families benefit, and so does our province.

Your Liberal government is looking forward to continuing to expand this program each year, until September 2020, when it will be available to all four-year-olds across Nova Scotia.

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