Press Release: Lockhart Ready to Win as By-election Gets Underway in Cumberland South

May 17th, 2018 – Premier Stephen McNeil has officially dropped the writ for a by-election in Cumberland South. Premier McNeil joined Liberal candidate Scott Lockhart at his campaign headquarters this afternoon.

“Cumberland South has a unique opportunity to elect an MLA into our majority government,” said Stephen McNeil. “Electing Scott will ensure Cumberland South is represented. Every voice is equal around the caucus table. Scott is a strong and capable candidate and I’m proud to have Scott carry the Liberal banner in Cumberland South.”

Lockhart has been working hard over the past number of weeks and is looking forward to traveling to communities across Cumberland South over the next 30 days as his campaign shifts into high gear.

“I am from Springhill, and I am proud of my heritage. I have a lot of great people supporting me because we all want this area to grow and prosper,” said Lockhart. “The people of Cumberland South deserve to have a member in a majority government, but even more importantly, an MLA who listens to their concerns and who will do the hard work necessary and take a positive approach. For far too long, we have relied on conservative negativity and simply complaining about everything and getting nothing done – no longer.”

Knowing the Rainbow Bridge will be replaced, and that Springhill will receive a brand new elementary school is positive news that the community has rallied around. Other priorities on Lockhart’s list include bringing a Corrections Training course to NSCC’s Cumberland Campus, and working to promote this beautiful, yet under-valued area as a major tourist destination within the province.

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve been meeting people at the doors and listening to their concerns. I look forward to bringing these concerns to the government’s side of the table and getting it done for Cumberland South,” said Lockhart.

Election day is set for Tuesday, June 19th, 2018.

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