Removing Barriers for People With Disabilities In Our Communities

We want all Nova Scotians to have the opportunity to be included in every aspect of our society, and that means removing barriers for Nova Scotians with disabilities.

Your Liberal government passed Nova Scotia’s first Accessibility legislation last year, and we’ve been busy working with many partners since then. This is important work that spans many government departments and many aspects of our society.

The Disability Support Program at Community Services continues to change to better support clients and their families. The department recently removed the waitlist for those who need enhanced support at home, and funding has been made available to expand job coaching for Nova Scotians with autism.

We’re pleased to announce we’re adding to this growing list by helping more Nova Scotians with disabilities access day programs in their communities.

A total of 34 organizations have received grants to develop and expand programs:

  • Building Futures – $50,000 for laser engraving activity
  • LakeCity Woodworkers –  $49,544.28 to renovate and expand their space
  • MetroWorks – $34,848 to purchase equipment
  • Prescott Group Society – $49,000 for furnishings
  • The Meadows – $12,942 for a gardening program
  • GOALS – $43,705.12 to purchase equipment
  • Summer Street Industries – $45,00 for shredding and catering activities and for banquets and events
  • New Boundaries – $50,000 for building expansion
  • The Flower Cart – $49,334 for van purchase
  • The Club Inclusion – $47,903 for a social enterprise pilot
  • Mill Road Social Enterprise – $39,893.50 for a new vehicle

We know these amounts can go a long way toward helping more people get involved in activities in their own communities.

Building a stronger Nova Scotia where everyone can grow and succeed means helping people with disabilities live active lives as part of their communities. Our service delivery partners are passionate about removing barriers for the people they serve and these projects will help them expand the excellent services they offer.

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