Reversing Outmigration. Highest Population Ever.

Our people are our greatest strength.

But for decades, we’ve watched as our family, neighbours, and friends move away.

That’s all changing.

For the first time in decades, more people from the rest of Canada are moving to our province than Nova Scotians are moving elsewhere in Canada, giving Nova Scotia a positive Net Interprovincial Migration. In fact, Nova Scotia had a positive Net Interprovincial Migration in 2016, 2017, and 2018. This reverses a trend that has existed since the early 1980s.

Nova Scotia welcomed more than 16,000 Canadians from other provinces in 2018. This is the strongest growth we’ve seen in 34 years.

These are fantastic signs that our economy is growing, job opportunities are expanding, and more youth are choosing to build a life right here in Nova Scotia. The most recent stats show that more young people are coming to Nova Scotia than are leaving for the third year in a row, with more than 7,000 youth between the ages of 15-34 moving to the province.

Nova Scotia has grown by more than 23,000 residents since 2015, bringing our population to the highest it’s ever been. Our positive Net Interprovincial Migration numbers along with new immigrants choosing to make their home in Nova Scotia has our population growing at its fastest rate in decades.

With a variety of programs available for people joining the workforce, particularly recent grads and young adults, our Liberal government is proving that our efforts to increase our population and reverse outmigration are working.