Stephen McNeil

Father & Husband | Small Business Owner | Leader of Nova Scotia's Liberal Party

Premier Stephen McNeil

MLA for Annapolis, Leader of Nova Scotia’s Liberal Party, and Premier of Nova Scotia

Premier Stephen McNeil was first elected to the Nova Scotia House of Assembly as MLA for Annapolis in 2003, having since been re-elected four times.

As an opposition MLA, Premier McNeil watched successive governments lead Nova Scotia down an unsustainable path. With a vision to get Nova Scotia back on track and to create a stronger economic climate, Stephen ran for and won the leadership of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party in 2007 going on to become the Leader of the Official Opposition in 2009.

In 2013, Stephen led the Liberal Party to victory becoming Nova Scotia’s 28th Premier.

Father & Husband

Premier Stephen McNeil attributes his core values and strong commitment to public service to his large, close-knit family.

Stephen is the 12th of 17 siblings who were born and raised in Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley.

Stephen’s inspiration to serve his community came from his late mother, Theresa, the first female sheriff in Canada.

Stephen lives with his wife Andrea in the house where he grew up in Upper Granville, Annapolis County. They have two grown children, Colleen and Jeffrey.

Small Business Owner

After graduating from the Nova Scotia Community College, he owned and operated a small business in Bridgetown for 18 years.

His experience running a business in rural Nova Scotia laid the foundation for his vision for Nova Scotia as a province that is inclusive, welcoming, innovative, and entrepreneurial. A place where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

As premier, he has led the province to stable financial ground, which has allowed government to make new investments in Nova Scotians’ priorities in health care, education, economic development, and creating opportunities for young people.

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