We know that change isn’t easy,

but we also know that

the status quo isn’t working.

– Hon. Zach Churchill, Minister of Education

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Our Vision for Student Success

Nova Scotia’s education system is complex, there’s no one solution to the challenges we face. Your Liberal government’s vision for student success acknowledges that. There are four key initiatives underway, each designed with one focus in-mind: to prepare Nova Scotia children and students to be successful beyond high school.

Click on the title of each initiative below to learn more about how we’re taking a multifaceted approach to ensuring student success.

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Educational play-based programs like pre-primary provide social, health, and emotional benefits while saving families thousands per year.

The Council's work is meant to improve conditions for students while better enabling our teachers to focus on the education of our students.

The review looked at the structure of administration and governance in our public education system.

The Commission emerged from the concerns of parents and teachers about how to address the needs of children who require special supports.

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The Latest Updates

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