Supporting the Gaelic Community in Nova Scotia

This week, Minister of Gaelic Affairs Randy Delorey had the pleasure of introducing a bill that will provide the Gaelic community with opportunity to play a more active role in shaping and supporting the future of the Gaelic College.

The Gaelic College Act was proclaimed in 1980 but has not seen any amendments since 1999 and we believe the time has come for some change. Your Liberal government has listened and worked with the Gaelic College to make changes to the act that will allow them to meet strategic goals and build on their local, national and international reputation.The legislation that has been introduced will repeal and replace the Gaelic College Foundation Act in order to reflect our current operations, programs and the strategic direction of the college.

In particular, the new act will change the composition of the college board of governors to be more inclusive and responsive to the Gaelic community. The board will be reduced to eight members, with seven positions to be elected by members of the Gaelic College Foundation and one appointed by cabinet. Currently, cabinet appoints six members of the 11-member board.

Other changes to the legislation include a new date for the annual meeting, requirements for meeting notices, clarifying the roles of executive board members and the removal of outdated wording.

As part of our government’s Culture Action Plan, we are working to strengthen Nova Scotia’s unique cultural communities.

This change recognizes the significant role played by Gaels in shaping our province’s history and future.