Supporting Survivors of Sexual Assault

We know that survivors of sexual assault need support. That’s why your Liberal government has partnered with the federal government for a pilot project that gives assault survivors up to four hours of free legal advice.

Today, we announced we’re expanding the pilot project and adding 11 additional lawyers across Nova Scotia to the pilot project. This will bring the total number of lawyers available through the pilot project to 19.

“By expanding the program, we’re ensuring individuals have better access to the important advice they need, and from someone they feel comfortable working with,” said Mark Furey, Minister of Justice.

The expansion also includes more diversity, with lawyers from the Cantonese LGBTQI+, Indigenous and African Nova Scotian communities. The lawyers are from Sydney, Port Hawkesbury, Truro, Chester and Halifax. All have received specialized training.

Your Liberal government has been working on a number of initiatives to respond to the needs of survivors of sexual assault. They include:

  • hiring two special prosecutors in the Public Prosecution Service to handle sexual assault cases, as well as train other crown attorneys
  • conducting police audits to ensure police have the appropriate capability to investigate sexual assaults
  • launching the domestic violence court in Halifax Regional Municipality

Since the pilot project that offers free legal advice launched in November 2017, more than 70 individuals have signed up for help. If you’re looking for help, you can call 211 for more information.

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