Tim Houston has pulled another political stunt.


It’s one thing for Tim Houston to duck taking a position on the Nova Scotia ferry in Yarmouth, but actively trying to damage the service – and, by extension, the economy of Nova Scotia — is going much too far.

Mr. Houston and the Conservatives want the proprietary information of a private company to be released, even though that would put the company and taxpayers at a competitive disadvantage.

Imagine — what would other companies looking at our province as a place to invest think about the Tories’ attack on a private company? Do you think globally competitive firms will look at Nova Scotia as a great place to do business if politics comes before proprietary business information?

This is just another political stunt from Tim Houston.

Your Liberal government is committed to growing the economy in southwest Nova Scotia and across the entire province. Your government is also committed to balancing the disclosure of information with the protection of privacy, just like it says in the title of the FOIPOP act.

That’s exactly what is happening here. Government discloses most information about the ferry service, including the full annual cost and the number of passengers, while respecting a private company’s ability to operate and be competitive.

We’ve seen this service generate economic success. Towns and communities are bustling with tourists, keeping shops, restaurants and inns busy. Local business owners have said the ferry service is a vital part of the economy, and owners of the Rodd Colony Harbour Inn cited the service as their reason for a $2.5 million investment to reopen the Yarmouth hotel. Endorsements don’t get much stronger than that.

With this irresponsible attack, it is clear Tim Houston does not care about the rural economy, or the many communities working so hard to grow.