Welcoming 25 new doctors to Nova Scotia


It’s always nice to put a face to a name, especially when that name is the Physician Immigration Stream. Health Minister Randy Delorey recently met with a group of family doctors who arrived from the UK through this new recruitment stream our Liberal Government introduced, in efforts to attract qualified, foreign-trained family physicians to practice here in Nova Scotia.

Since launching just last year, the Physician Immigration Stream has brought 25 new internationally-trained doctors to our province, whose training is already recognized by the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Since April 2018, we’ve recruited 120 new doctors and specialists to our province, leading to over 69,000 Nova Scotians finding a primary care provider as of February 1st of this year. Nova Scotia has the highest number of doctors per capita in Canada – and we want to maintain that distinction.

Through various programs like the new Practice Ready Assessment Program – which tests internationally-trained doctors to ensure they meet Canadian medical standards – and the Locum Incentive Program, which fills long-term vacancies through financial incentives, we’re establishing results-driven programs that will provide our province with healthcare for generations to come.

We also know a lot of this begins at the post-secondary level, which is why we’ve added 25 new residency spaces at Dalhousie University, and have introduced the Nurse Practitioner Education Incentive. Supporting registered nurses to become nurse practitioners is a pressing need, and through this program, salaries will be covered of up to 10 registered nurses while they attend Dalhousie University’s two-year Master of Nursing nurse practitioner program full-time, with a return commitment to work in a designated community for five years.

Make no mistake – improving Nova Scotia’s healthcare system is complex, but your Liberal Government is taking actions that will modernize our aging healthcare infrastructure and give Nova Scotians the healthcare service they need and deserve.


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