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Iain Rankin grew up in Timberlea where he was active in sports and music. Summers were spent crossing the province to be with family. To Bridgewater for a walk around the duck pond with his grandmother. Day trips to Summerville Beach with his aunt, stopping at Seaside Seafoods for lunch.

Iain at the the renaming of Beechville Industrial Park march.In Mabou, Iain was immersed in his rich Gaelic culture, hearing the tales of his ancestors alongside his 47 first cousins, 24 aunts and uncles, and his grandparents. Two weeks a year were spent at the Gaelic College to learn about his heritage, practice the Gaelic language, and refine his talents on the bagpipes, the instrument he would go on to play as part of the Dartmouth Pipes and Drums band.

Throughout high school and later as a student at Mount Saint Vincent University, Iain helped manage the family business, a gas station in Beechville. The gas station was a gathering point for many in the close-knit community, a familiar place to grab a coffee and catch up with neighbours and old friends about everything from the personal to the political. It’s here at his family’s gas station where Iain learned about the harrowing history of Beechville, a community that faced generations of encroachment and discrimination. This experience taught him how important it is to listen and to learn in order to lead, and it set him on lifelong a mission to fight injustice.

After graduating university, Iain moved to Jasper, Alberta and later to Ottawa, Ontario to pursue his career in business. But neither place felt like home. Missing his family and life-long friends, he yearned to be back in Nova Scotia, surrounded by the vibrant culture he grew up in.

Iain moved back home to Nova Scotia, and it wasn’t long after that he felt the call to public service. Being away from home showed him just how much love he had for his province. He wanted to dedicate himself to building a better Nova Scotia, and to make a positive difference for those who felt unheard or left behind.

In 2013, Iain was elected as the Liberal MLA for the riding of Timberlea-Prospect, and he was re-elected in 2017. As MLA, Iain has been a strong and dedicated representative for his community, always putting people first. Known for being an engaged and accessible MLA, Iain has forged a deep bond with the constituents he is honoured to serve, and he has gone to bat time and time again for his community and their interests.

In 2017, Premier McNeil appointed Iain to cabinet. Iain has served as Minister of Environment and as well as Minister of Lands and Forestry. As a climate advocate and leader, Iain has put fighting the climate crisis at the centre of his work in both of these roles, staying focused and committed to the delicate yet crucial balance between environmental sustainability and responsible economic growth.

Today, Iain lives in Timberlea with his wife Mary and their dog Weston. Weekends are often spent exploring the many hiking trails, lakes, rivers, and shores our beautiful province has to offer. Other weekends are spent attending events in his community, or paying a visit to Mary’s family in Antigonish.

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