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NS Liberal PartyRT @StephenMcNeil: On #PersonsDay, I encourage all NSians to join me in celebrating all contributions women make in our communities: https:…3 days ago 6 0
NS Liberal PartyRT @cancersocietyNS: Thanks to @randydelorey and members of the @nsliberal party for attending our MLA Breakfast at the @cancersocietyns Lo…3 days ago 6 0
NS Liberal PartyWe want to celebrate and support small businesses. Check out what our Liberal gov. is doing to support small biz: days ago 1 3
NS Liberal PartyRT @tylerbanham: Off to Halifax to attend the @NSLiberal Convention this weekend! Hosting a Hospitality Suite at the Westin Nova Scotian at…1 week ago 2 0
NS Liberal PartyRT @CraigMJohnson: Throwback to @NSLiberal AGM 2016 with @JustinTrudeau. Looking forward to seeing fellow Liberals at the 2017 AGM this wee…1 week ago 3 0
NS Liberal PartyYour Liberal government is fulfilling its commitment to improving access to mental health services across NS: weeks ago 0 1
NS Liberal PartyRT @LenaDiabNS: Happy to share my October E-Newsletter - Updates, community events, links, and news. @NSLiberal #Armdale…2 weeks ago 2 0
NS Liberal PartyRT @StephenMcNeil: #NSBudget17 invests in expanding the school breakfast program to ensure no student in #NovaScotia goes to school hungry.…2 weeks ago 7 0
NS Liberal PartyRT @StephenMcNeil: We're committed to being open and transparent with Nova Scotians. weeks ago 4 0
NS Liberal PartyRT @StephenMcNeil: Wishing all those in Nova Scotia observing Yom Kippur an easy and meaningful fast. G’mar Chatimah Tova.3 weeks ago 6 0

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