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  • As Liberals, we’re always looking for ways our young people can enter the workforce in a quick and meaningful manner. O...

  • Well, the numbers are in, and Nova Scotians have a lot to be proud of! Statistics Canada released the January labour market t...

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Nova Scotia Liberal PartyA pilot project that required contractors bidding on provincially funded school construction projects to take part in Nova Scotia's apprenticeship program has now been expanded to include all provincially funded construction projects over $1 million. hours ago 0 0
Nova Scotia Liberal PartyRT @StephenMcNeil: Incredibly sad to hear about the tragic fire in Spryfield. My heart goes out to the family and the community at this dev…10 hours ago 11 0
Nova Scotia Liberal Party“We’ve opened up the health committee, with 12 meetings a year televised from the main chamber… We have continued to make sure the information Nova Scotians have asked for is given to them.” - @StephenMcNeil #nspoli5 days ago 0 0
Nova Scotia Liberal PartyUnder our Liberal government, there have been more PAC meetings than under the previous NDP and PC governments: #nspoli5 days ago 0 0
Nova Scotia Liberal Party“It’s important for Nova Scotians to understand that every penny we put into the ferry service is made public.” - @StephenMcNeil #nspoli5 days ago 0 0
Nova Scotia Liberal PartyOur government has always disclosed important information around the NS-Maine ferry service. The ferry supports economic development in SW region. Since 2013, room nights sold in June-Sept have increased by 54%, and ridership continues to increase: #NSpoli days ago 0 3
Nova Scotia Liberal Party“More immigrants have been approved to make Nova Scotia their home in 2018 than ever before. Government approved 2,272 people to come through immigration programs, up from 1,651 in 2017.”: #nspoli6 days ago 0 0
Nova Scotia Liberal PartyProvincial, county and facility wait times for nursing homes and residential care facilities are posted on the @nshealth website – including how many people are waiting for a long-term care bed: #nspoli6 days ago 0 0
Nova Scotia Liberal PartyOur government has started live-streams of law amendments committee meetings so more Nova Scotians can follow the process if they cannot come to Province House to observe. #nspoli6 days ago 0 3
Nova Scotia Liberal PartySenior officials’ expenses( and eligible FOIPOP responses ( are all posted online. #nspoli6 days ago 0 0

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