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NS Liberal PartyStarting Oct. 1st, a new attendance policy will help address student absenteeism in schools across NS. Learn More: hours ago 6 2
NS Liberal PartyWe’re proud to announce Nova Scotia’s first Accessibility Act has been proclaimed. Learn more: days ago 0 1
NS Liberal PartyRT @NSLAE: Final year of study? Start preparing for what’s next. Get an edge on that job you’ve been working toward with GTO: https://t.c…1 week ago 4 0
NS Liberal PartyToday is International Literacy Day. Learn more about our investments in adult learning and literacy: weeks ago 1 0
NS Liberal PartyRT @nsgov: Nova Scotia Highlighted at Seafood Expo Asia weeks ago 4 0
NS Liberal PartyRT @StephenMcNeil: Pleased to endorse signing of Action Plan w/ Guangdong Province to collaborate on economic development opportunities. ht…2 weeks ago 7 0
NS Liberal PartyRT @StephenMcNeil: Removing tuition fees will save apprentices $900 per year - helping them live, work and raise a family right here in Nov…2 weeks ago 12 0
NS Liberal PartyRT @StephenMcNeil: Removing tuition fees for apprentices doing their technical training helps build & retain our workforce:…2 weeks ago 7 0
NS Liberal PartyRT @NSLAE: Starting your journey to become an apprentice? Check out the NS Apprenticeship Agency online, #Back2Scho2 weeks ago 6 0

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